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Working Women’s Centre South Australia

About us

The Working Women’s Centre SA (WWC SA) opened in 1979.

It provides a free and confidential service which supports women employees whatever their age, ethnicity or work status on work related issues.

The Centre works primarily with women who are not represented by a union, their own lawyer or other advocate.

Our objective is to increase women’s participation in and contribution to workplace arrangements that improve their income and conditions.

We assist women who work in precarious and/or low status employment; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women; women from diverse language and cultural backgrounds; women who live in rural, regional and remote areas; women with disabilities; women with family responsibilities and women on visa arrangements.

WWC SA is managed by a committee with representatives from the Centre, private enterprise, SA Unions and the community.

Funding is provided by both state and federal governments and by SA Unions.

Staff include a Director, an Administrative / Client Services Officer and Industrial Officers.

Community Participation

WWC SA Staff are represented on a broad range of community, union, government and departmental committees in relation to issues important to women in the workforce.

Participation on these committees helps to raise awareness of the needs of women in employment, to share information and co-ordinate activity on matters relating to women and work.

What we do

  • We provide information, advice and support to women on work issues
  • We initiate and implement training programs on working women’s issues
  • We respond to specific issues related to cultural diversity in the workplace
  • We develop and distribute resources on issues facing women in the workforce
  • We work with unions in their efforts to gain true equality for women members
  • We encourage women to take an active part in their union
  • We actively promote equal employment opportunity for women through policy development, committees and campaigns
  • We refer to other relevant and appropriate agencies and organisations
  • We contribute submissions to enquiries


We provide information and training sessions to schools, TAFE colleges, universities, corporate and community groups.

We are available to discuss training needs and organise and deliver training programs on work related issues. In particular we deliver sessions to women returning to the workforce.

The Director of WWC SA is accredited to deliver training to support White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Programs to organisations implementing domestic and family violence policies, procedures and leave.  We have been delivering this specialist training for 3 years to government, corporate and community sector organisations.

DV training for workplaces

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